Since its founding in 1893, the Department of Psychology has been renowned for scientific research and scholarship that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Today, this broad and integrative vision of psychological science is reflected in the diversity of laboratories and collaborations within the Department, as well as research initiatives that connect psychology to other areas of the University and beyond. This vision also is reflected in the Department's teaching. The PhD program encourages students to take advantage of the many research opportunities at the University, emphasizing intellectual breadth as well as training in specific areas.  Similarly, the undergraduate curriculum emphasizes faculty-taught courses and research opportunities, making Psychology one of the most popular majors at the University. 


Nora and Edward Ryerson Lecture 2017

“The Resilience of Language and Gesture” with Susan Goldin-Meadow

Susan Goldin-Meadow is the Beardsley Ruml Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Comparative Human Development, Center for East Asian Studies, and the College at the University of Chicago.

The Ryerson Lecture grew out of a 1972 bequest to the University by Nora and Edward L. Ryerson, the latter a former Board of Trustees chair. A faculty committee selects the Ryerson lecturer based on research contributions of lasting significance.


Katherine D. Kinzler discusses racism and bias against speakers of African American English

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Call for Applications: Teaching Fellows in the Social Sciences

Prof. Boaz Keysar analyzes the structural causes of medical errors in a new documentary

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Course Recap: Psychology of Learning

Chair Leadership Changing in Five Departments


Brent Staples AM’76 PhD’82 wins 2019 Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing
April 16, 2019

Professor Goldin-Meadow to give 2019 McGovern Lecture at AAAS Annual Meeting
February 12, 2019

Professor Boaz Keysar receives 2018 Quantrell Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching
June 9, 2018

Professor Berman and Ph.D. student Kate Schertz win first place and grand prize in UChicago’s App Challenge with their app, ReTUNE
June 1, 2018

Professor Susan Levine elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
April 18, 2018

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